1.  How do I apply to the C2 undergraduate program in Computing and the Arts?

The major in Computing and the Arts is available as an option for all Yale College undergraduates.  Students from outside of Yale do not apply to the program directly, but first must apply and be accepted to Yale College.  Information for submitting an application for admission to Yale College can be found here.

As undergraduates, students are encouraged to explore the wide range of courses that are available in Yale College.  Consistent with the philosophy of encouraging creativity and breadth in education, the major in Computing and the Arts does not have a large number of specific courses that must be taken to the exclusion of courses in other disciplines.  Students are encouraged to consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) for Computing and the Arts, Scott Petersen, in forming their schedules during their first two years at Yale. 

2.  How do I apply to the C2 graduate program?

Students in all Yale graduate programs are welcome to interact with C2 affiliated faculty as they find their studies guide them into the general area of computing and the arts.

Students particularly interested in studying issues in computer science related to the arts should apply to either the Computing and the Arts track within the MS program in Computer Science, or the PhD program in Computer Science through the Yale Graduate School.  Information on Graduate School admissions can be found here.