The C2 initiative involves a broad community of faculty, staff, and students across the University.  All faculty belong to Departments or Schools within the University, in addition to being affiliated with C2 activities.  Staff involved with C2 projects include post-doctoral researchers in various academic departments, as well as a range of professionals working in Yale’s libraries and museums.  The C2 initiative is supported administratively by staff based in the Computer Science Department.

Undergraduates participating in C2 primarily as majors in Computing in the Arts.  Faculty members from Art, Computer Science, History of Art, Architecture, Music and Theater and Performance Studies are appointed by the Dean of Yale College to formally oversee the undergraduate major as the Computing and the Arts Advisory Committee.  All faculty represented on the advisory committee are eligible to act as advisors for projects satisfying the senior requirement in the major.

Graduate students participate in C2 primarily in the MS and PhD programs in the Department of Computer Science.  All graduate students in Arts and Sciences and in the Schools of Art, Architecture, Music and Drama are welcome to consult and develop projects with C2 affiliated faculty.