Masters Computing and Arts Track

Students can participate in the C2 initiative at the Masters of Science (MS) level through the Computing and the Arts track of the Computer Science MS program.  The MS program is intended for students planning to pursue a professional career directly after finishing the program, rather than continuing on in a PhD program.  The MS Program is also suitable for students interested in undertaking a research project but who are not sure yet whether they want to make the multi-year commitment to a PhD program.

The purposes of the Computing and the Arts track within the Computer Science program is to expand the student’s depth of knowledge substantially beyond the BA/BS in Computer Science or related field.  The Yale Computer Science MS offers students the unique opportunity to study with faculty in small classes, and on a one to one basis.

Students entering the MS program must first be admitted to the Yale MS program in Computer Science. Students without CS undergraduate degrees may consider applying if they have had preparation in the field at the level and breadth of the Yale courses CPSC 201, 202, 223, 323 and 365 as described in the Yale CS undergraduate handbook.  Upon acceptance in the MS program, students may choose to follow the specialized track in Computing and the Arts. Students are advised by Computing and the Arts faculty, with their final programs subject to approval by the Director of Graduate Studies in Computer Science. Students follow a set of courses that prepare them to do a one term independent project.

Students should apply to the MS program through the Yale Graduate School. Students in the MS program may enter the Yale PhD program.  However, students who wish to continue on for a doctoral degree after completing the MS must apply separately for the PhD program, using the standard forms and procedures required for applicants from outside of Yale.  The MS is not prerequisite for the PhD program, and students may apply to the PhD program directly after finishing their undergraduate degree.

For specific questions about the MS program, contact Prof. Holly Rushmeier.