Architecture Track

Students considering the Architecture Track should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) for Architecture, Bimal Medis, during their first year at Yale, as well as the DUS for Computing and the Arts.  The DUS for Architecture can advise students on sequences of courses to take within Architecture, substitutions that may be made, and potential project advisors.  Students interested in this track are advised to take either CPSC 112 (a or b) or CPSC 201 and also one of the Architecture prerequisites in their first year at Yale.

Always consult the Blue Book for accurate requirements and course descriptions, and on-line course listings for locations and times.


CPSC 112a or b or CPSC 100a or b, ARCH 150a or b.

Required Courses

CPSC 201a or b, 202a, and 223b.  Students are advised to complete CPSC 202a and 223b by the end of the sophomore year. MATH 224a may be substituted for CPSC 202a.

The architecture track requires the following courses in addition to the Computer Science courses listed above: (1) two required courses: ARCH 150 (Introduction to Architecture) and ARCH 200 (Scales of Design); (2) two courses from (ARCH 260, ARCH 261, ARCH 360, and ARCH 362), (3) two elective courses from Architectural History and Theory,  Urbanism and Landscapes; Materials and Design; or Structures and Computation; (4) one additional intermediate or advanced computer science course (excluding CPSC 490).

Specific courses for freshman interested in this track to consider:

     ARCH   154     1     Drawing Architecture

     ARCH   249     1     Analytic Model

     CPSC    112    1     Introductory to Programming

     CPSC    201    1     Intro to Computer Science

     CPSC    202    1     Mathematical Tools for Computer Science